Helena, my sister Milla and me at le bar


all of my pictures are bullshit. sorry. but you know, I'm not a very good photographer. Ill try to get better.
today I've done nothing. got up at 14:00. rented movies. Just watched Kill Bill vol.1, But It was on TV.

should change clothes..

..and dye my hair. well Now I'm going to make loads of sandwiches and watch a movie.

hard kids

apart from drinking

sorry I disappeared, my computer has been fucked up.. but now it seems ok.


if you leave

1, Lina Scheynius 2, Comme des Garçons 3, Van Royko 4,unknown source

looking pissed off

mmhh i'm late for dinner with my family! got to run

byye ill update the blog again later

we are always lost

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