I'm not sure


outfit inspo pt.2


outfit inspo pt.1



Hey, sorry, I'm back in Stockholm now! But I'm rarely home so I mostly just use my phone for using the Internet.
I'm writing from my phone right now hehe. So I don't know what this looks like on a computer screen.
Anyways I'll try blogging more! <3



I'm going to Tokyo tomorrow!!!! I'll be back in like 2 weeks

live like nothing hurts





my back and legs by freja

don't be soft

I love this summer

Until I met you


sinking of you

I'm here for you


staring into space


men with pretty hands

2; via National Geographic 3; Léa Seydoux by Shelby Duncan



A tip for anyone having a boring or bad day - watch Broad City! I think it's amazing

It was nice to hear ur voice


comforting facts about death




I should go outside

1; via dailymail 2; via flickr

hard drinking no thinking

Back home now!

sad you're not here but you make me sad too

1; via tumblr


In a few hours I'm going to Berlin! So I will be gone for like a week or so, I didn't book a ticket back yet


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some faves from Instagram!

sad boys


there is only you

Is life always this hard, or is it just when you're a kid?

Leon: The Professional by Jun Liu for L'Officiel Hommes China


1; via zaina 2; via flickr  4; Ali Michael by Dylan Forsberg

i wonder what i don't know about you

2&5; Ukrainian Schoolgirls by Kristina Podobed / 3; via flickr

locating you

2; Detours by Ester Partegas 4; via artwerk6666

i miss the sun