I'm drawing like crazy here...
my hands hurt and this day felt strange... been dizzy all day in a new kind of way like if i'm wearing sunglasses u know when you where younger and you'd put on sunglasses and look down at your feet and go like "woa fuck i feel so taaalll!11 it's like so far to the ground.. ""
no?just me?
anywayy no more school for a while

don't try to make me feel

1; movie "trainspotting"2; via

In the shade

by Hugh Holland. first from 1975 and second from 1976

chocolatecake for breakfast

1;via vice 2:movie "over the edge" 3: via 4: movie "trainspotting"

taking a shower

made a gif while watching The Walking Dead.

grow empty

whoever she is


bad mother fucker

1; you can buy a wallet like that at coolstuff.se, I want it, but i'm too cheap hahahhehe
2;best shorts evaah, i'm gonna make a pair like this! maybe a little tacky but that's just how i roll <2                                                                                                                            

for whoever needs it

fly like helium

underground raver shit


today i've watched movies, star trek and eaten nutella sandwiches...

military jacket

sore throat

I'm getting sick...so i'm going to drink many cups of tea and hope for the best. but I like my voice hoarse.                                


so beautiful, i die. Naomi Preizler

put your hoodie on

SLP danceteam > IRONWOOD mental hospital

and cherrysoda.

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